The Scribbler 🌱

A Very Warm Welcome! I am Talitha Grace King and the novice writer of this fresh blog 😊

So to set the scene I will tell you a bit about myself …

So far I have lived a life worth of 23 years. Primarily I am the wife of one very lucky and ridiculously good-looking man, and a mother of the most sweetest …and cheekiest rays of sunshine, my 3 year old daughter. We live in beautiful Queensland, close to Brisbane. I study through the University of Southern Queensland and have only four subjects remaining until I complete my degree in Primary Education! ✋ *Up-Top to future-graduating-self*

I named my blog Everlastingly Discovering as I have an incredibly strong affiliation with exactly that … a young woman discovering the beauty of this world around her one day, one moment, at a time… This was the very first portraiture I created about myself and closely resonated with when I clearly discovered who I was, and wanted to be, as an individual several years ago. As an individual who loves to continually learn, explore and experience I truly hope to instil this very same self-learning outlook and excitement into the lives of my own children, and students I have the pleasure in teaching and learning with. As mother and future-educator, I believe this is the foundation in learning and having this magnificent world opened up for us to discover!

You are able to spark my enthusiasm and excitement via the following topics:

My family and Loved ones

Learning and Educating  for a student-centred approach and learning-by-discovery

Nutritious Movement

The Source Bulk Foods!

Raw, earthy-goodness of wholesome foods and cultural cooking

Green & Environment – indoor plants, moss, trees (specifically olive, avocado, fig…), exploring mountains and discovering waterfalls

Interior and Exterior design – minimalism in possessions, however abundant in life (refer to previous topic, Green) and natural lighting and textures in building materials (stone, wood…)

Absolutely anything and everything related to Creativity (Art, Photography, Filmography, Dance, Music, PUNS!, etc…)

Sharing and Hearing stories of adventures past, present, and to come

So this is a piece of insight about myself, now on the internet for the world to see. That will be all for now but stay close, there will be more to come 😊

Talitha Grace King 🌱


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