Final Blog Post 🎉

So my little one is home again from kindy due to being sick with fevers and a harsh phlegmy cough😦  I am currently typing this one-handed as we watch  Play School and she snips paper. It’s definitely making it harder to complete this assignment! I am literally only 200-300 words away from completing, and therefore, on holidays!! It’s such a tease to be honest haha…. I know I will get there! Slowly…😛

That’s all I’m going to write for now. All the best to everyone completing their final assessments! It’s been a pleasure working alongside you all:)

Talitha Grace King 🌱

Second last blog post

I have almost completed Assignment Three! It feels like it has taken forever. Whilst reflecting upon it all though, I realise just how much I have learnt. Sometimes when typing out these assignments, towards the end you feel like you’re just repeating yourself over and over again of the same topics. While that might be true sometimes, somehow I have gained more insight each time. I don’t know how that’s possible but I guess that’s what experience does for us!

Well, better get back to it. Or perhaps write my final blog so I have all 30 for assignment marks:)

I can’t wait to get to this point!

Talitha Grace King

After the Interview + Giving Compliments!! :)

So I have met my class!

Wow. This will be a different experience from what I’m use to in terms of teaching.

Growing up, I lived in a low socio-economic area and so the behaviours, attitudes, and characteristics of the students doesn’t worry me. Some of them are very sweet but many of them wouldn’t have the active involvement of their parents or the community in their learning. And it certainly shows.

As soon as I walked into the school, heading to the Admin Office, it was around 8:00 am and it was deserted. No one was around. No kids playing in the school or waiting to go into class… It didn’t look like any Monday that I’m use to.

I met my mentor, and she is quite lovely, and very honest. She explicitly prepared me for the types of students in her class, and even the ones she preferred over others haha (umm…). The classroom is massive with heaps of space so that’s awesome! There’s an IWB and 6 extremely slow computers that we have to (every Monday) Turn on, Log In, Shut Down, Turn on, Log In again for it to work (all which load at different paces varying between 1min-10mins!). I am very glad there is an IWB! That’ll be used a lot for my lessons.

My mentor teacher said I will be teaching Shapes in the first week:) I started suggesting activity ideas, and straight away she said “Nope! Even simpler than that. Just take these 3D objects, and talk about them the whole time. Look at that 2D chart. Talk about those shapes. Really simple stuff”. Early years is a very new world to me and even more-so that this class has many disadvantaged learners!

Students started turning up. I didn’t hear any school bell. No one lined up outside. Everyone just started wandering in and looked me up and down as if I was an unknown specimen😛 Four or so students weren’t wearing the school uniform. Others turned up very late into class. I met a new student who started that day – he was very shy at first but quickly opened up and talked to me:) He told me he’s “no good at reading or writing” – and it doesn’t look like he’s the only one. As I stayed around, I was able to witness the first hour of class time.

Assisting students, roughly four of them didn’t know how to read the spelling words expected to be written into their books – we had to write the words out for them as they traced over. As I was assisting one student, I asked if they could tell me then next spelling word down the list as I wrote it. He started trying to sound it out. “Mmmmnnga” and looked at me with a very unsure face. I started help him, “P… p… paaaan”. He said, “Pan!” and had the biggest smile on his face.

I have never experienced this first hand. I have always wanted to and now is the opportunity. At the start of uni, this type of experience would have scared me but instead it has made me even fonder of the students and becoming their teacher. I really want to be there for them. Unfortunately prac is only three weeks. My primary focus is involving ICT to transform learning, but to be honest, there are far more crucial and fundamental steps that need to be taken before getting the kids involved with ICT. My goal will be to try and use this ICT to support these fundamental steps needing to be targeted.

As I continued my experience with the class, a few students, but one in particular, started challenging me. Behvaiour management is another thing I will be implementing a lot. But I believe this should primarily be achieved through using Positive Behvaiour Management.

Something I incredibly want to incorporate into my prac experience is this: At the end of each week, I give every single student a compliment. If not, every morning for 10 minutes before starting (By week 2). Such a small gesture can go an incredibly long way. I am already falling in love with these students and I see their potential. They are amazing kids; they just don’t have a lot of support or confidence. This idea was sparked by this gentleman:)

Talitha Grace King 🌱

Thoughts before the Interview

Just like Ellen, I have organised an interview with my mentor:) First impressions: as she answered the phone I hear her yell out to the class “EVERYONE! BE QUIET!!! I AM ON THE PHONE!! BEHAVE!!” – I actually thought I had rung during a lunch break but obviously not… haha. I understand we need to settle the class down if they’re being disruptive but I think that by the end of the day she was pretty tired and ready to go home😛 No judgement! Totally understandable!

So that gets me excited for meeting my class… haha:) I know the school I am attending is in a low socio-economic area so there will be plenty of factors to consider when teaching. ICT may be a little difficult to incorporate if they don’t have many resources. I honestly don’t entirely know what to expect actually. Guess we’ll see:)

Talitha Grace King 🌱

Prac Placement – I have found you!

So for ages I still had no idea where I was going to be placed. I called a couple times with responses saying I would have the placement appear on InPlace  in a couple of days, or at the end of the week, etc. I called once again and it has all be solved! Turns out the Form I submitted (to ask for a location nearby my daughter) had been misplaced on their end, even though online it said the Form was received. It has all been fixed and now know where I am going!

I am quite excited about the school I will be attending. For the first time I will be teaching a Yr 1/2 class (early years) and it should be a great experience:) I have no idea how to incorporate ICT for such early years but will learn along the way! Now to set up the interview…..

Talitha Grace King 🌱

Looking into A#3

This assignment will be based on our practical experiences where we have to create 5 lessons that involve ICT. I believe this assignment will be a lot more practical and simpler to put together compared to the previous assignments because we are actually involved in implementing these lessons with a real-life class. Any assignment based on a first-hand experience has always had a more positive outcome in what I gain in understanding, and even the marks to follow.

Just like Sarah, I am struggling a bit to find the balance between uni and everything else in life. I feel a bit nervous about the whole routine of dropping my daughter off a day care early, then heading to prac, picking her up, work on assignments and do whatever else needs to be done in the adult world when it comes to maintaining a family home. I know I will get the routine down-pat, I think it’s just the unknown that makes me feel uneasy. Once I get into the swing of things, it should be all good:)

Talitha Grace King 🌱